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ST Gately art

ST Gately’s art speaks to you when you see it, and it was a fun challenge to present that voice in a 2 dimensional website.  We customized the most ideal layout and architecture for the images and let them speak for themselves.  We showcased some feature images at the top of the page and sorted the pieces into categories. We arranged them in a grid, and if you click on the image you can view the detailed image in a light box. Find ST Gately on Threadless as well.     Schedule a free consultation with LWH Design if you would like us to showcase your art or craft with a website.

kodi box

Kodi Box

Kodi Box They wanted a streamlined, efficient systems and a website to widen the audience for their Kodi Box and LWH Design answered. We set them up with a customized website with WordPress and WooCommerce to market their boxes and track the orders and inventory.  Do you have a product you want to market to a bigger audience? Schedule a free consultation with LWH Design today What Can you do with a Kodi Box?   Check out what you can do with a Kodi Box and get one for yourself.

420 Web Design logo

420 Web Design

420 Web Design Designing websites and IT systems for the recreational and medical cannabis industry. 420 Web Design is ready to make your brand stand out. At the forefront of the recreational cannabis industry in Massachusetts, 420 Web Design can keep your brand trending and in demand. Check out their site.                 Schedule a free consultation for your consulting firm today.

Shire Suds

Shire Suds

Shire Suds If you’re looking for natural, sustainable skincare products for sensitive skin, check out Shire Suds. Their soaps and shampoo bars leave your skin feeling soft and luxurious and smell amazing. After struggling for years with extra-sensitive skin, a Master of Science student asked herself a question: why do these skincare products – supposedly made for sensitive skin – hurt my skin so much? After many failed trips to different dermatologists, this student began to research natural skincare. Shop Now Contact LWH Design to schedule a free consultation for your business.