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What is Kodi?

Kodi Builds set up Kodi by turning it into an ultimate streaming center, but first of all, what is Kodi?

Technically, Kodi is a free media center software that can be accessed across various operating systems. Most noteworthy, the application allows users to consume streaming media like movies, TV shows, live TV, and sports. Maybe this technical definition of the best Kodi builds will only do justice to techies who already understand their way through this great piece of app.


First of all, think of Kodi as an unfinished house basement. There are frames, a strong foundation, and trusses that hold the roof as a basis so that will hold everything else in your house. Tthat is Kodi. First, you will use the foundation to store items, use the walls for an interior design, and the roof to put up a nice ceiling. Those are Kodi builds. Furthermore, the application will host components and applications that you will be using to stream media.  If you are new to Kodi you should probably check out Kut the Kord to buy a fully configured and customized box to start.


What is a Kodi Build?

First of all, a Kodi Build is a nice way of getting everything up and running within Kodi. The build will install everything that you need to run Kodi with one click. Add-ons, settings, skins, and electronic program guide among others. Normally, after you have installed Kodi on your device, you will take time to customize it how you want. So, you will find add-ons, skins, and settings that suits your intended use

However, Kodi Builds offers you with a one-click option of installing all these add-ons and skins that comes with plenty of content. So going the Kodi Builds way, you will save a lot of time that you might have otherwise used in searching and selecting specific add-ons. In my experience, using Kodi Builds is the easiest way to download and stream content quickly and efficiently.

What if this doesn't make any sense but I still want free TV and movies?

If you are not tech savvy, then all you need is to order a TV box from Kut the Kord and opt for the Kodi Builds way. Most Kodi builds can be easily installed through Kodi settings tab. They come with a .zip file. Just like how you would install an app on your Android device or Laptop. All you need is to choose the one that you like and then hit the download button. While in a few minutes, you will be able to watch movies, shows, and games!

So, if you're sick of paying monthly for cable and streaming services, KUT THE KORD now!

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